Kent Martin Winter Series

Not to be confused with the Schmid Laser Frostbite Series, the HIYC Kent Martin Winter Series runs from the Change Of Watch Regatta (which also counts as race 1 in the series) through the end of February, and is culminated by the Mardi Gras Regatta.  This series usually corresponds to the first Saturday after January 1st, and each Saturday through the last weekend in February.  This is a PHRF cruising fleet series, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).  So, put on your best warm foulies and come enjoy the best Winter sailing that Nashville has to offer!

The Winter Series is done in a "pursuit" format.  Thus a staggered start is employed, based on the PHRF rating of each boat and the course distance, so that the slowest boat starts with enough time to finish at the same time as the fastest boat, assuming equal conditions, skill and tactics.  Ideally, all boats racing should finish within a few seconds of one another.  Additionally, there is no committee boat, only a start/finish line and weather and leeward marks.  Crossings at the start and finish are on the honor system.  Please see the Pursuit Start Times for your assigned time.  Please contact the race committee for additional information.

2020 Sailing Instructions
5-Mile Course
8-Mile Course

Pursuit Race Start Times

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