Yazoo Summer Regatta

The "Yazoo Summer Regatta" was first held in 2017.  This regatta replaces the former "Summer Series" which, due to low participation, was abandoned in 2016 in favor of a single race, and christened "Yazoo" in 2017.  HIYC hopes that this new summer regatta will bolster racing during a time of the year when cruising is king.  To help aid in this, the Yazoo Summer Regatta has no registration fee.  Please see the "course buoys" below for course information.  Course direction and number of laps will be discussed at the Skipper's Meeting on the day of the regatta.

A 2016 letter from the HIYC Race Committee:
To: Our fellow competitors that we see on the starting line and to our HIYC members, we wish we would see on the starting line.

          Last year (2015) the race committee looked at the summer race series turn out and acknowledged, very few if anyone participated. We believe that it was because of; children out of school, too hot, too many spiders on member’s boats, no wind, vacation, too hot, and did we say no wind? So we thought “what if we just made one good effort to race one day before the summer really got hot and the wind went somewhere else but here?"

         To make the race fun and relaxed, we are going to use a pursuit start. Yep, no committee boat, no worrying about other boats on the start line and no worrying about count down timers and horns. Just look at your start time after the official start in the Pursuit Start Times attached.  Then all you do is finish the race and record your finishing position. That way you know exactly where you finished and can go to the clubhouse for a cool one!         


Sincerely, HIYC RC 


Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Official Course: 5-Mile

Official Course: 10-Mile

Pursuit Times

2019 Results

2018 Results

2017 Results

2016 Results



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