O.L. Shultz Hospice

The Alive Hospice O. L. Shultz Regatta, developed in 2013 and run for the first time in 2014, is a partnership between Alive Hospice in Nashville, one of the oldest non-profit hospice’s in the country, and Harbor Island Yacht Club.  The event is one of 25 regional hospice regattas around the country to be part of the National Hospice Regatta Alliance.  It is named in honor of former HIYC Commodore O. L. Shultz, who passed away in January 2012, and was served by Alive Hospice.  The club’s history is rich with the stories of O.L. and his beloved Morgan 30, “Respite,” his trademark hat, and his special “basket-style” spinnaker rigging.  The motto of the Regatta is “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

This is a two weekend event, with two separate two-day regattas.  The Open regatta precedes the Cruiser this year, and is a one-design regatta with multiple fleets as needed.  The 2019 Cruiser regatta follows the Open, and is a PHRF regatta with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light and C fleet (main and jib only) - (C fleet is one-day race).  

Registration for the regatta, dinner, memorial burgees, and more can be found by clicking either the OPEN or CRUISER below.
The Sixth Annual Regatta again features a Silent Auction during a wonderful catered wine dinner on April 27th, with proceeds going to Alive Hospice. 
Additional information can be found HERE.


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