Konesky Great River

In December 2009, a much requested new spring Regatta for cruising boats was added to the HIYC calendar to take advantage of early spring winds and weather.  The Board of Governors had been looking for a way to honor one of its long time racing enthusiasts, former Commodore, Stann Trophy Award, Caldwell Service Award and Iros Cruising Award recipient Chuck Konesky.  A member since 1977, Chuck has been an avid racer on numerous boats from Lightnings and J-Boats to his larger C&C cruising sailboats.  Throughout the years, not only has Chuck proven to be extremely successful and competitive on the race course, he has also exemplified the True Corinthian Spirit our club strives for.  After announcing the new regatta and consulting with Chuck about possible racing formats for this new Regatta named in his honor, the one thing Chuck wanted most was to get members who normally don’t race out on the lake enjoying our wonderful sport.  From this idea, the C Fleet (nee J.A.M. Fleet, Jib and Main– No Spinnakers) was born at Harbor Island. Chuck passed from us in 2017, shortly before his namesake regatta, leaving behind a hole at HIYC which had previously been filled by a fierce competitor, loyal friend and truly genuine person.  Not only does the Konesky Great River Race continue to prove to be a challenge for true “racers” and those new to racing, but also gives true cruisers the opportunity to get out and sail with and against their friends.  The Konesky Great River is a PHRF cruising fleet regatta, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).


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