Change Of Watch

This annual event celebrates the start of the new year's regattas by recognizing and saluting the new HIYC leadership.  The regatta symbolically cements the club's commitment to sailboat racing, refreshed by a new year, new winds, new directions of intensity, and new leadership.  The regatta is also counted as the first in the annual Winter Series.  The Change of Watch is a PHRF cruising fleet regatta, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).

The regatta corresponds to HIYC's Change of Watch ceremony, which occurs the evening of the regatta date.  During this ceremony, the leadership for the next year is sworn in, culminating in a ceremonious "Passing of the Flag" between the previous Commodores in attendance to the Commodore for the new year.  Pictured above are many Commodores at the 2010 ceremony, with previous Commodores dating back to 1963.  “Since 1961, the leadership of Harbor Island Yacht Club has passed through many Commodores, just as the Club’s Burgee and the Commodore’s Private Signal Flag have passed through many hands...”  So the Change of watch ceremony begins each year.  If you have never been to one of these grand events, held at the First Quarterly meeting of the new year, you have truly missed something wonderful.  To see the Flags pass through the ranks of our former Commodores is nothing short of an historic event.  As well as the Passing of the Flag Ceremony, the Change of Watch is also the time our club recognizes Individual members in several different categories.


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