Arnold Nye

Betty Caldwell recalls that Irene Bryan first suggested the idea.  Shortly after Arnold's death in 1973 while Jack was Commodore, Betty and Jack were talking with the Bryans, considering what the club might do in his memory.  Irene's experience with team events in golf competition gave her the idea. Ross and the Caldwells all approved.

A team regatta which would draw together sailors with future potential, sailors of present skill and sailors of salty dog experience was a natural.  It has been a popular series over the past decades, building friendships and the camaraderie Irene hoped for.

Many members of the club cherish fond memories of Arnold.  As an architect, he designed numerous buildings in Nashville and elsewhere.  These include a number of homes, four of which are on Harbor Island.  He was a cosmopolitan New Englander with a love of racing and especially race organization.  He was the first "permanent" race committee chairman, greatly improving the quality of race management at HIYC.  His personal trademark was to wear shorts in the coldest weather, the badge of a truly weatherproof seaman.  Arnold loved to paint, especially water colors.  He had a flair for rapid sketching and painting.  Several of his land and seascapes hang in the club and in many homes.  -  Brad Nye

As mentioned above, this is a team regatta.  The Race Committee (RC), in its sole discretion, will select teams of three or four members comprised of boats and skippers with similar aggregate PHRF ratings and past performance characteristics.  Teams are designated by a color; and each boat must display a ribbon of that color, to be supplied at the skippers' meeting, from its backstay.  If each team has 3 boats, all 3 boats' scores will count toward that team's overall point total for the race.  If one or more teams have 4 boats, each team's top 3 boats' scores for each race will count toward that team's overall point total for that race.

The Arnold Nye is a PHRF cruising fleet regatta, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).  However, the RC may split or combine classes at its sole discretion.  Racers compete as a team against the other teams, regardless of fleet class.  Additionally, all boats in the regatta share a single start.


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