Vanguard 15


The Nashville V-15 Purpose:

To foster for its members a fun, cooperative, and sustainable sailboat racing program; that improves skills; provides enjoyable, high-quality competition in balance with sportsmanship; and supplies the benefits from Fleet participation, contribution and fellowship.

Nashville V15 Program Goals:

  • Double-Handed, One-Design Sailboat Racing in Nashville
  • Leverage existing Nashville racing knowledge to grow participation
  • Introduce new racers to the sport
  • Mentorship and learning emphasis
  • Competitive racing combined with sportsmanship, composure and observance of the rules
  • Fleet citizenship building on the investments and sacrifices made in time, effort and money to make a successful recreational organization


Please contact for additional information:
Julie Bollinger
Laura Johnson
Jim Milliman

For additional please visit and "like" the Fleet 77 Facebook Page.

The Nashville Sailing Meetup will can put you in touch with other sailors for other events!