Vanguard 15 Sunday Racing 1:00 pm. rig the boats-2:00 pm on the water

Event details

  • Sunday | May 27, 2018 - Dec 31, 1969
  • , Old Hickory, TN

We will rig at 1:00 pm. with the first race at 2:00 pm. and sail until about 4:00 pm-ish.




Our Sunday series is less formal than a regatta. It is a great time to learn and try new techniques, take the helm, learn and nail that “roll-tack” once and for all.

Skippers without crew speak up as Laura Johnson has a done a tremendous job growing an interested group from her “meet-up” events. We will work to align you with an interested person.

New crew are some tips for your first time on the water...don’t sweat it, don’t over think it, dress for the weather, bring your sense of humor, and be patient.

To quote the master yachtsman...Captain Ron, pointing to the open ocean...”Hey boss...if it’s going to’s going to happen out there!”
Smooth Sailing!