Commodore's Scuttlebutt November 20, 2020

HIYC Activities November 21 - November 27

 Upcoming Events     

November 26          Thanksgiving Day
November 27-28      Water to docks will be turned off  for the winter
November 28            Decorate the Club House for the Holidays
December 5              Flotsam Jetsam Regatta
It will be great weather on Saturday for a sail!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Please be careful and take safety precautions as more than 31,000 Tennesseans tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in the last 7 days. The rate of new infections is far greater than at any time during the outbreak. To date, I am only aware of one infection of an HIYC club member, but please remember that we have a number of people in our membership who would be at serious risk if they contracted the virus.Please don't jump to the conclusion that the at risk group is only our older members as I have heard from a number of younger members who feel that they are at risk due to a history of health issues.

Some of our members who are healthcare providers are telling me that our hospitals are running out of space during this surge with only 14% availability of beds for new admissions and only 10% of ICU beds  available across the state. Lets remember to give thanks this Thursday and every day for our members who are healthcare providers.
Last Saturday The Beesley 50K Regatta was held with a course of approximately 14 miles that sent boats down to the dam and back. The weather was fantastic and the competition was fierce. Thanks to PRO Ted Chapin (assisted by your Commodore) and to all who came out and raced.
Winners were: Greg Theriot, the ageless Jim Waller, and Team Hofmeister.
Decorating the Club House

This Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM we are looking for some volunteers to assist with decorating the Club House for Christmas. We will also be doing some straightening up of the deck and the lower level in preparation for our Christmas Brunch that will be held on December 13th. Please be sure to wear a protective mask as they will be required when you are in the Club House or in close proximity to another  person.

Christmas Brunch

Under the direction of Vice Commodore Greg Theriot and his wife Patsy, we are making plans for a very different type of Christmas Brunch which is on the Calendar for Sunday December 13th. This year we will provide a catered meal as a way of saying thanks to our members while following strict social distancing guidelines. You will be able  pick up your meal and eat it at home, on your boat, or on the Club House deck or at any venue on the property where you wish.

The specifics of the event are still being developed by Greg, Patsy, and their team (Officers and Board of Governors) and we will send out the information for this event with all the details in a "Special Blast".

As we are working with an outside caterer, you will be required to make a reservation for the brunch. Thanks Greg and Patsy!
Migrating South!

I cannot rest from travel: I will drink
Life to the lees: Tennyson

Those of you who are old enough to have been raised in a time when a liberal arts education could lead to a job with a good income will immediately recognize these lines from Ulysses

The birds are not the only ones heating south for warmer weather. Thom Garrison and Rob McDonald recently made the trek to the Gulf with their boats and now Zig Durski has headed out on another " Great Loop". I have asked Zig to share a "blog" of his trip just a Rob McDonald did. Here is Zig's first installment. In the map below, Wolf Island (red arrow) is just 13 miles north of Pickwick Lake at the Tennessee border with Alabama. Florence, AL is at the lower right corner of the map.

Zen and the Art of Sailboat Maintenance
Domino and Me – The Great Loop II
Currently: Anchored on the Tennessee River, MM 192, Wolf Island
Sailors favor omens, so I did not leave on Friday and I ate through my bananas as quickly as possible. I did leave HIYC on Monday 11/9/2020 but only because that was when my daughter Suzanne was off from work and could crew with me. I returned from completing the Great Loop last year on 11/9/2019. And Facebook boldly announced that 11/9/2013 was the day Suzanne had helmed my then new sailboat, Domino, for the first time. The omens glowed.
But this was the second time I had left HIYC. The original plan was to leave on Sunday 10/4/2020 and to meet Rob McDonald in Pickwick Landing State Park and to sail together to Mobile, AL. Only then, the omens scowled. My engine was hard to start, it stopped just north of downtown Nashville and would not restart once I reached Rock Harbor Marine. Five weeks later and a much-reduced beer kitty was the price for a new fuel injector pump and a tuned engine that purred like a kitty. Had I made that initial timetable, I would have been tied to the dock at Bobby’s Fish Camp along side Rob McDonald as he and Nelson Miller braved hurricane Zeta with her 50 mph sustained winds and gusts to 75. Fortunately, all survived with no damage and now have a great sea story to tell.
Cruising is like that. The ultimate roulette table, the fateful game of chance. You have to do your maintenance. Out there the conditions can change in a minute. You have to be prepared.
Next: Gale conditions on the Tennessee River and it’s a long, long way to Tipper…Pickwick.
Zyg Durski
Harbor Island Yacht Club
(615) 300-4292
Alive Hospice Campaign Update

With just 15 days left in the Alive Hospice Campaign I am happy to report that Gene Lovelace has met his initial goal of $1000 and now has raised $1770 dollars for Alive Hospice. This is great news as 20 people have made donations.
I am surprised however, that since we announced that our club would match additional donations up to a total of  $500 that only one person has made a contribution. This means that during the next 15 days, if a member of Harbor Island Yacht Club  makes a donation, the Club will match your donation until the $500 match fund is exhausted. This means, for example, that if you give $25 dollars that HIYC with give $25.00 and your donation will have a greater impact.

We have 15 days left, if you can help please do.

You can make your donations and track the progress of the campaign by clicking on this link: