Commodore's Scuttlebutt November 13, 2020

HIYC Activities November 14 - November 20

 Upcoming Events     

November 14          Beesley  50K Regatta
November 26          Thanksgiving Day
November 27-28      Water to docks will be turned off  for the winter
November 28            Decorate the Club House for the Holidays
December 5              Flotsam Jetsam Regatta
The weather for this Saturday looks promising. Temperatures should hover around 65 degrees during the day!  Winds should be about 8 mph out of the SSE . Come out and take part in the Beesley 50K Regatta, or just go for a sail or use the great weather to clean your boat and get ready for the colder weather to come.
At our board meeting this past Tuesday, The Officers and Governors voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Clubspot. We also included our 2021 Board Members (Treasurer elect Tracy Taylor, Secretary elect Julie Bollinger, and Governor Elect Jim Milliman) in the decision as they will be the first to benefit from this change.

What is Clubspot? Clubspot is a business that provides Web Sites, Web Hosting, Data Base management, Regatta Management tools, and Sail Camp management tools to Yacht Clubs in the United States and Internationally. Founded by and managed by sailors their services are tailored specifically to the needs of clubs like ours.

Our members are our most important asset and in recent years, we have not done a very good job keeping up our membership information which is crucial to caring for your needs . We currently have three different membership databases, (Billing, Communication, and website directory) that are all partially incorrect  and have out of date information. Today, corrections must be made separately to each list. Every communication we send out has a number of "kick backs" which are undelivered messages. We have not published a directory for several years. Our various committee chairs have complained about the difficulty of reaching out to spouses of our members as our current site lists only the voting member's phone number. Our boat list and list of dock and mooring assignments is years out of date making it difficult for our Harbor Master and Dock Admirals. Every month our accounting firm bills HIYC for time that they spend answering member's questions about their individual accounts.

As a volunteer organization, we can do a much better job of managing our club if we have better tools to work with!
When I was first approached by Clubspot and saw a demonstration I was immediately impressed by the fact that every member at HIYC will have their own member number and login. This will give every member the ability to update and correct their own information. If you get a new phone number or if you move or if you buy a new boat you can update your account without involving our webmaster.

At any time, you will be able to see your account and the record of all charges and payments without the need to contact our accounting firm.

As I dug deeper into what Clubspot offers and as I interviewed other Yacht Clubs that have been using the services of Clubspot I was pleased to hear that partnering with Clubspot saved these clubs money while improving their services to their members. When they needed assistance with their websites they all stated that Clubspot exceeded their expectations for response time.

Clubspot has spent the last two months giving demonstrations to our Officers and Governors and to our website experts Drew Griswold and Brian Smokler, They have also presented to those involved with managing the Harbor Island Sail Camp. Coincidentally during this time we received word that our current web host would be closing their business at year's end and would be migrating our account to another business entity that they own. As our current site is very outdated and the company that has hosted our site has not been very responsive it seemed like it was the right time to act and make the change to a better platform, far better software, and people who better understand our needs.

In about three weeks Clubspot tells us that they will have converted our current web site information to their new platform. During early December we will be working on our new membership database. Our plan is to go live with the site in late December and to switch our Member billing over on January 1, 2021.

For those of us who are not computer all-stars, Clubspot has done many conversions and will offer assistance in getting you online and your account set up!  We will also have an HIYC team that can assist, or you can do what I do when I have a computer or software question, ask your children for help.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The Fall is great time for our associate and junior members to make use of our two club owned Catalina 22 sailboats. Harbormaster Tim Parshall tells me that both boats are fully functional, with sails and outboard motor in full working order! Just go to the Club's website and reserve a boat for the day and time that you wish to sail. The boats are in slips on the Courtesy Dock.

I am also happy to report that the board has approved the Harbormaster's request for the purchase of two new mainsails and sail covers  for the Club Catalina 22s  and they will likely arrive at years end.
Alive Hospice Campaign Update

Last week we sent out  an announcement from Gene Lovelace asking that our members consider supporting his Alive Hospice Fund Raising campaign "Adjusting our Sails". The response was wonderful with 19 members helping Gene meet and exceed his initial $1,000 goal. At this time I believe that most of the Regatta Posters have likely been claimed. The work that Alive Hospice does in our community and has already done for some the families of Harbor Island Members is comforting and inspirational. I believe that with 23 days left in the campaign we can do more to support this organization.
At last Tuesday's Board Meeting we voted to donate a total $500 in matching funds! This means that during the next 23 days, if a member of Harbor Island Yacht Club  makes a donation, the Club will match your donation until the $500 match fund is exhausted.

You can make your donations and track the progress of the campaign by clicking on this link:
Lost and Found

Julie Bollinger found a Kindle Fire tablet in the Club House kitchen. If this is your missing property please let Julie know so that she can reunite you with your reader.