Commodore's Scuttlebutt October 2, 2020

HIYC Activities October 3 - October 9
Report on :Fall Cleanup Day and General Meeting

With a turnout of more than 40 members we had one of our most productive workdays in a long time. Led by new Grounds Co-chairs John Taylor and Jim Miliman the flower beds were weeded, mulched and refreshed with new planting, hedges were trimmed, the dinghy lot and laser are were trimmed, cleaned and the shoreline was policed and debris was removed. The upper boat lot was mowed and weeded and the lot was reorganized.

On the water Harbormaster Tim Parshall and diver George Rusho changed out 9 more mooring chains completing mooring field inspections and maintenance for the year. The Sea Scouts under the watchful eyes of Brian Laidlaw began the project of renumbering all mooring balls in a sequential pattern with Ball 1 near to the causeway and ball 36 off A dock. This change will make it much easier for our mooring fleet boats to find their correct moorings.

Under the direction of House Chairs Julie and Markley Gordon, the club House was cleaned inside and out!
It was wonderful to see some of our newest members helping out.

 At 12:00 noon all in attendance were rewarded with a pizza lunch and at 1:00 our Fall Quarterly Member's Meeting was called to order.

The key item on the agenda was the motion to raise dues for full active and associate members by 15%
The dues increase had already been unanimously approved the the Officers and Governors but it must be approved by two votes by our members at our quarterly meetings to go into effect. By a vote of 51 yea and 5 nay votes the dues increase was approved and now will move to its second vote at year's end.

At Change of Watch in January, Treasurer John Robertson, Rear Commodore Bob Carlton, and Governor Jim McCann will complete their terms of service to HIYC.

Bob Carlton announced the that our former Commodores had met and selected Tracy Taylor for the three year term as Treasurer. Jim Milliman was nominated for Junior Governor and will begin a three year term on our Board. Julie Bollinger was nominated to the position of Secretary and will ultimately become our Commodore in three years. The slate of nominees was elected by acclamation!

 Upcoming Events

October 3               McDougall Cruiser Regatta
October 9-11          HIYC hosts the Vanguard 15 Regional Championship
October 24 -25       McDougal Open Regatta


Please pay your dues!
I am happy to report that many of you have responded and our past due balances have improved. We are still not up to date however. Once again, let me remind you that if Covid 19 has created financial hardships for you, please contact John Robertson or me.

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