Commodore's Scuttlebutt September 18, 2020

HIYC Activities September 19 - September 26
Fall Cleanup Day and General Meeting Next Saturday
September 26th

Please mark your calendar and come out to the club next Saturday September 26th

Fall Cleanup will begin at 8:00 AM and run until 12:30 and will be followed by a lunch of pizza and soft drinks and water. We need to clean up the water front, make some dock repairs, continue our work cleaning the lower level of the club house and our upper lot, cleanup the dinghy lot and the laser rack area. Bring tools and gloves!

Our Quarterly Members meeting will begin immediately after lunch (approximately 1:00PM) and run for about 45 minutes.
For us to conduct any new business, we need to have approximately 45 full active members  in attendance or their proxies. (see below)

As we did in the summer, the meeting will be held on the Club House Deck and the paved roadway below to allow for social distancing.

This is an important day for the Club as our new nominees for Club Treasurer, Junior Governor, and Secretary are presented and voted on.

In addition, the Dues increase which has been approved by the Officers and Governors will be voted on by the Full Active Members. Please note that the proposed dues increase must be approved by our Full Active Members at two quarterly meetings if it is to go into effect  for our next financial year which begins on April 1 2021.

 Upcoming Events

September 19        Lotsa Lasers Regatta
September 26        Fall Cleanup Day
                                  Quarterly Members Meeting
October 3               McDougall Cruiser Regatta

I have been asked to remind all members, that every boat in the Dinghy Lot, the Laser rack or in the area next to the Laser rack, in the North Parking Lot and in the upper lot must be clearly identified with the owners name and phone number! This has been a consistent message this year and while many of you have responded, we still have a number of unidentified boats and trailers. If these items are not claimed and labeled by the clean up day, then we will begin to dispose of them and will remove them from the Club Property.

Lotas Lasers Regatta is scheduled for this Saturday September 18th.
Bruce Richards has informed me that a one day event has been planned for this year. The Notice of Race has been posted on our website this weekend. This year the race will be a single day event. At this time we have 22 entries but as we often have last minute cancellations, I have been told that we will have some entry forms available at the club house.

The weather for tomorrow looks fantastic. Sun shine with 6-7 mph winds in the morning building to 12-13 mph is the afternoon.
Iron Skillet Results

A Fleet was won by Greg Theriot with Bill Riner in second place
B Fleet was won by Jim Waller with Jim Doran in second and Randy White in third place
C Fleet was won by Bill Hofmeister with Clint Webb in second . Paul Latour in third place followed by James O'Dell and Jay Pigue.

Thanks to PRO Dave Brandon

Once again: Here is the information on the proposed dues increase which has been approved by the Board and subject to Members Approval will go into effect in April of 2021

    Current Dues   15% increase approved by the Board    
Membership   quarterly  sales tax total yearly Total   quarterly sales tax total yearly total   Annual increase
Full/Active   195.00 18.04 213.04 852.16   224.25 20.74 244.99 $979.97   $127.81
Associate   97.50 9.02 106.52 426.08   112.13 10.37 122.50 $490.01   $63.93
Non Resident   40.00 3.70 43.70 174.80   40.00 3.70 43.70 $174.80   $0.00
Junior   35.00 3.24 38.24 152.96   35.00 3.24 38.24 $152.96   $0.00
As you can see, the proposal does not increase dues for Non Resident or Junior Members. With the new dues structure, Associate Members would see their dues increase by  $5.33 per month.  Full members would see an increase of $10.65 per month. Please keep in mind that this increase will not take place in 2020, but will take place with the beginning of our new fiscal year on April 1, 2021
If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please feel free to contact me. 

Please remember that all members are invited to attend the Quarterly Meeting on Saturday September 26th but as stated in our club bylaws, only Full Active members may vote.
Proxy instructions for Full Active Members who cannot attend the General meeting next Saturday

If you are not sure that you can make it to the meeting on the 26th , would you please be willing to assign your vote by Proxy to our Club Secretary Ray Marley. If you do attend, then you will have the power to vote.

All you need to do is to print the Proxy Form and appoint Ray Marley as your Proxy, then sign and date the form .Lastly, take a photo of the signed form or scan it and email it to me at:

Quarterly Meeting  September 26, 2020
I,_____________________________ being an Active Member of Harbor Island Yacht Club, entitled to vote at the Quarterly Meeting, do hereby constitute and appoint _____________________________ as my proxy to attend said Quarterly meeting to be held on September 26,2020 or the continuation or adjournment thereof, with full power to vote and act for me in my name, place and stead, to the same extent and with the same effect that I would have if personally present. Any proxy or proxies heretofore given to any person or persons whatsoever are hereby revoked.

Signed____________________________________ date_____________

Please pay your dues!
We are about to enter the third month of this quarter, and we have an unusually high amount of member's dues that are unpaid and past due. Once again, let me remind you that if Covid 19 has created financial hardships for you, please contact John Robertson or me.

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