Commodore's Scuttlebutt September 4, 2020

HIYC Activities September 5 - September 12

Nominations are open!

Rear Commodore Bob Carlton is now accepting nominations for three positions that will be voted on by our membership at our next Quarterly Meeting on September 26th.

The open positions are:
  1. Secretary: this office is a 4 year commitment as the Secretary will rise to Vice Commodore, then Commodore, and will end their service as the Rear Commodore.
  2. Junior Governor: this office is a 3 year commitment
  3. Treasurer: the Treasurer will serve for 3 years. This is the first time that we have elected a Treasurer following Fred Beesley's 50 years of service and John Robertson's two year term.
Please email your nominations to Rear Commodore Bob Carlton at:


 Upcoming Events

September 12        Iron Skillet Regatta
September 19   Lotsa Lasers Regatta
September 26        Fall Cleanup Day
                                  Quarterly Members Meeting
Please Circle September 26th on your calendar and plan on helping with our Fall Cleanup Day followed by our Quarterly Meeting. As we did in the summer, the meeting will be held on the Club House Deck and the paved roadway below to allow for social distancing.

This is an important day for the Club as our new nominees for Club Treasurer, Junior Governor, and Secretary are presented and voted on.
In addition, the Dues increase which has been approved by the Officers and Governors will be voted on by the Full Active Members. Please note that the proposed dues increase must be approved by our Full Active Members at two quarterly meetings if it is to go into effect  for our next financial year which begins on April 1 2021.
The Iron Skillet Notice of Race to be held on September 11 has been posted on the HIYC website. Please take notice that many of the skippers in the Heavy B class have elected to sail without a spinnaker. This decision reduces the number of crew required to sail and will improve social distancing. To enter you must sign up online. At this time we are a week away from the event and have only 4 boats registered so please sign up!

Lotas Lasers Regatta is scheduled for Saturday September 18th.
Bruce Richards has informed me that a one day event has been planned for this year. The Notice of Race has been posted on our website this weekend. This year the race will be a single day event.The intent is to limit the fleet to 20 boats. To enter you must sign up online. If the entry list reaches 20, we encourage all interested participants to continue to sign up as we usually get some late cancellations and this will open slots for some of those on our waiting list.

Over the last two weeks I have written about the proposal to raise dues for Full and Associate Members
 Two weeks ago I highlighted some of the major maintenance issues that need our attention and I illustrated how much less our dues are able to purchase today than in 2002 when our dues were last raised.

Last week I focused on the fact that our operating costs have risen by more than $33,000 since 2002 and that income from member's dues fluctuates from year to year but has been down more than $13,000 since 2018.

This week I want to take a look at the new dues structure that has been approved by the board.

    Current Dues   15% increase approved by the Board    
Membership   quarterly  sales tax total yearly Total   quarterly sales tax total yearly total   Annual increase
Full/Active   195.00 18.04 213.04 852.16   224.25 20.74 244.99 $979.97   $127.81
Associate   97.50 9.02 106.52 426.08   112.13 10.37 122.50 $490.01   $63.93
Non Resident   40.00 3.70 43.70 174.80   40.00 3.70 43.70 $174.80   $0.00
Junior   35.00 3.24 38.24 152.96   35.00 3.24 38.24 $152.96   $0.00
As you can see, the proposal does not increase dues for Non Resident or Junior Members. With the new dues structure, Associate Members would see their dues increase by  $5.33 per month.  Full members would see an increase of $10.65 per month. Please keep in mind that this increase will not take place in 2020, but will take place with the beginning of our new fiscal year on April 1, 2021
If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please feel free to contact me. 



Please pay your dues!
We are about to enter the third month of this quarter, and we have an unusually high amount of member's dues that are unpaid and past due. Once again, let me remind you that if Covid 19 has created financial hardships for you, please contact John Robertson or me.

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