Commodore's Scuttlebutt July 31, 2020

HIYC Activities August 1 - August 7
Moonlight Sail

Weather permitting we will head out for a moonlight sail tomorrow evening. Please plan on leaving port by 7:45 PM and return to the club when you choose. Please monitor channel 68 on your VHF radio, and please make sure that your navigation lights are working.
We will set our course based upon wind conditions.

Rain is forecast for earlier in the day and hopefully we will have a clear sky by late afternoon.

Mooring Fleet Update:

George Rusho, our diver, and Tim Parshall with support from volunteers Steve Vague, Jim Doran, Sam Slater, Zig Durski, and Jay Pigue were able to replace the anchor chains on 17 moorings last Saturday and Sunday Mornings. In addition our new Mercury outboard was installed on one of the Club Catalina 22's, and Jay got the two Honda outboards working on the two whalers by using a temporary pull cord.
I am happy to report that replacement recoils assemblies are arrived for the Honda's and will be installed tomorrow morning.

We need your cooperation:

1) Make sure that the gas valve is open (on the Honda it is on the left side of the engine)
2) make sure that the fuel tank cap air valve is open just two turns
3) make sure that the clip is inserted into the kill switch
4) check that the tank has fuel. (these engines are four stoke meaning that oil must not be mixed in the gas)
5) Turn the speed control on the handle to the start position.
6) Pull out on the choke knob
7) Pull the starter cord no more than 4 times.
8) At the fist sound of the engine firing turn off the choke.
9) When you pull the starter cord pull it out only 12" to 18 "

If the engine does not start, the spark plug may be fouled and may need to be removed and wiped clean. There is a plug wrench for this purpose and Tim will again post its location.

If you have a problem with the engine please text or call Tim and let him know the problem. This year we have had far more problems than normal. I have been told that most can be traced to operator error.

We are going to film some video showing how to operate each engine and will post them on the HIYC web site.
Other News and Upcoming Events

CJ Pierce has informed me that he wishes to resign from his post as Harbormaster. CJ has done an excellent job over the last several years and I am hopeful that we will soon find another position that he wishes to serve in.
I am happy to announce that Assistant Harbormaster Tim Parshall has agreed to serve as our Harbormaster.
If you are interested in applying for the position of Assistant Harbormaster please contact me and we will set up an interview.
As Harbormaster requires a significant amount of time and responsibility we would also like to encourage a member of the mooring fleet who wishes to serve at Mooring Fleet Admiral to contact me to discuss the responsibilities of that position. The mooring fleet members will then be asked to vote to confirm the election of the Mooring Fleet Admiral.

 Our Monthly Officers and Governors Meeting will be held at the Club House On Tuesday August 11th at 19:00 hours.

Later in the month on Saturday August 22 is the scheduled date for our Low County Boil and Raft Up.
At the board meeting we will discuss the format for this event and ways that we can achieve safety and social distancing.
Offshore Journey!

Please check out a video on YouTube which highlights Joe Hagen's recent single-handed sail from the Cayman Islands to Key West
Covid -19 update

As reported in our Special Blast earlier this week we have had our first report of a member testing positive for the Corona Virus.

Please take responsibility for your health and the health and safety of other members by wearing a mask when in the Club House or bathrooms. Even if you are alone you can expel droplets containing the virus on surfaces that others may later come in contact with.

Please remember that the member who tested positive this week showed no symptoms while at the club on Saturday. Please follow social distancing guidelines.  Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and clean up the sink area or anything you touch with disinfectant. If you are filling ill or running a temperature, please stay home.

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