Commodore's Scuttlebutt July 24, 2020

HIYC Activities July 25 - August 1

We need your help!

Mooring Fleet:
George Rusho, our diver, will be inspecting our moorings and replacing degraded chain and shackles next weekend  on Saturday July 25 & Sunday July 26. 
We still need a number of volunteers to assist with laying out and cutting chains, operating the two whalers as we assist George and run chain out to him, and secure boats while their chain is being replaced. We also intend to renumber mooring balls sequentially.

We likely need 6 - 8 people per day. Please let Tim Parshall know if you can assist and the day that you are available. If we can get 6 to 8 volunteers than we can split into two half-day shifts.
Please call or text Tim at 615-924-1292 and let him know when you can help. We will begin at 8:30 each day.

Looking ahead:

Please plan on coming out for our "Moonlight Sail" on Saturday August 1. More details will follow !
Just a reminder!
If you have a boat or trailer in the upper lot, the dinghy lot, or in or near the laser rack and if it is marked with a pink ribbon, you must attach a permanent tag that clearly identifies the name of the owner. Boats in derelict condition like the one on the left must be removed from the club. Boats that have not been used recently should also be removed. Please remember that HIYC is a sailing club and motor boats and motor boat trailers other than the ones owned by NSF to support sail camp and the Vanderbilt motor launches, may not be stores at the Club.

The grace period is nearly over and unidentified boats, trailers, and other equipment will be declared as abandoned property and after the required period will be disposed of. Please contact Secretary Ray Marley if you have any questions.
I was recently informed that both mooring fleet whaler engines were not working. Mooring Fleet Admiral and Assistant Harbor Master Tim Parshall went through them yesterday and reported that one whaler was missing the vent to the fuel tank cap and may have taken water into the fuel tank through the gas cap. Both engines had issues with the starter cords. On one the cord was pulled out so far that the recoil would not work. The other engine had a broken pull cord.

Tim was able to get the recoil to work by adjusting the tension on the three recoil bolts and that engine then started on the fist pull. The other engine will likely get a new cord installed today.

I am acutely aware of how important the whalers are to the mooring fleet. For that reason, I purchased a replacement engine yesterday and it will be installed tomorrow.

We need your cooperation:

1) Make sure that the gas valve is open (on the Honda it is on the left side of the engine)
2) make sure that the fuel tank cap air valve is open just two turns
3) make sure that the clip is inserted into the kill switch
4) check that the tank has fuel. (these engines are four stoke meaning that oil must not be mixed in the gas)
5) Turn the speed control on the handle to the start position.
6) Pull out on the choke knob
7) Pull the starter cord no more than 4 times.
8) At the fist sound of the engine firing turn off the choke.
9) When you pull the starter cord pull it out only 12" to 18 "

If the engine does not start, the spark plug may be fouled and may need to be removed and wiped clean. There is a plug wrench for this purpose and Tim will again post its location.

If you have a problem with the engine please text or call Tim and let him know the problem. This year we have had far more problems than normal. I have been told that most can be traced to operator error.

We are going to film some video showing how to operate each engine and will post them on the HIYC web site.
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