Commodore's Scuttlebutt July 17, 2020

HIYC Activities July 18 - July 24
Once again we have no formal activities planned for Harbor island Yacht Club this week.

Mooring Fleet:
George Rusho, our diver, will be inspecting our moorings and replacing degraded chain and shackles next weekend  on Saturday July 25 & Sunday July 26.  We still need a number of volunteers to assist with laying out and cutting chains, operating the two whalers as we assist George and run chain out to him, and secure boats while their chain is being replaced. We also intend to renumber mooring balls sequentially. We likely need 6 - 8 people per day. Please let Tim Parshall know if you can assist and the day that you are available.

As we swim, kayak, and relax on floats to beat the heat, please stay safe.
Remember that you need to wear a life jacket while canoeing or kayaking.
Please don't go out alone! You are safer when you are accompanied by someone else. If you are on a float be sure to have a throw-able PFD (boat cushion). Please do not swim alone!

The recent drowning death of the actress in California was sad and tragic at many levels. She was careful to place her child in a life jacket by did not wear one herself. Based upon statements by her young child, his mother became exhausted while swimming him back to the boat and lifting him aboard but did not have the energy and strength to keep her head above water and to climb onto the boat. If she was wearing a life jacket, there would likely have been a better result.
Looking ahead:

Please plan on coming out for our "Moonlight Sail" on Saturday August 1. More details will follow !
Just a reminder!
If you have a boat or trailer in the upper lot, the dinghy lot, or in or near the laser rack and if it is marked with a pink ribbon, you must attach a permanent tag that clearly identifies the name of the owner. Boats in derelict condition like the one on the left must be removed from the club. Boats that have not been used recently should also be removed. Please remember that HIYC is a sailing club and motor boats and motor boat trailers other than the ones owned by NSF to support sail camp and the Vanderbilt motor launches, may not be stores at the Club.

The grace period is nearly over and unidentified boats, trailers, and other equipment will be declared as abandoned property and after the required period will be disposed of. Please contact Secretary Ray Marley if you have any questions.
Club House and Reservations

A few weeks back as the virus seemed to subside, we reopened the club house and we also hosted two weeks of sail camp Recently we also allowed several members to reserve the Club House for private events.
The current surge in new Covid-19 infections that has caused Nashville to revert back to stage 2 of their reopening plan and has also prompted several areas of our state to enact face mask rules, brought the Club House and it's use back for a discussion before the Officers and the Board of Governors.

Some of the points that were discussed are:
The use of the club house is primarily for our members and in fairness to our members, we cannot allow guests more freedom of use than we do our dues paying members.

With the need for members and their guests to social distance, we will have to reduce the number of members, and  members and their guests  who can reserve the Club House  in the interest of safety.

As studies continue to show that the risk of contracting the virus is greater in indoor spaces we will encourage groups using the club house to use the deck area as much as possible.

In the next couple of days, I will meet with the house managers and review our reservation policies and will publish them in a special blast early next week.

At this time we have a couple of reservations in place and we will honor the reservations but will discuss our concerns for social distancing with those members.

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