Commodore's Scuttlebutt June 26, 2020

 HIYC Activities June 26 - July 3
Sail Camp concludes two days early
Week two of sail camp began where week one left off  with continued great weather.
As the CA (cognizant adult) for Monday I got an up-close view of the workings of the camp and the great level of instruction by our counselors. The campers had a blast in the boats and while swimming. I was reminded of my first sail camp experience in 1960 and that evening, I called my dad and thanked him for sharing his passion for boating and sailing with me.

Unfortunately we received word of another report of close contact with a person who had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. In this case a friend of a counselor tested positive.They had attended a graduation party together. Following the protocol established by Leadership Academy The counselor in question stayed home and got tested immediately.

Marc Fortune (NSF Chairperson) made the decision to cancel sail camp on Thursday and Friday and all of the parents of children attending camp were notified.
At this point we do not know the results of the counselor's test. If the counselor tests positive then we will notify the Wilson County Health Department and all camp counselors and campers, and camp staff.
Fourth of July

Next Saturday is Fourth of July!
Our plan is for another spectacular fireworks display beginning shortly after sunset when the sky darkens.
We hope to have a variety of games and activities including "Corn Hole" , Opti Races, swimming, and live music.
Due to Covid 19: we will be  observing social distancing policies. Members are encouraged to watch the fireworks from their boats, the parking lots,  and the club house deck. We will need to spread out and face masks are encouraged!
We will not be serving food or alcoholic beverages, but members are welcome to bring their own food and drink and the gas grills are available for cooking.
 Look for additional details in next  Friday's Blast.
The Dog Days of Summer
Summer has arrived with more heat, more humidity, periodic thunder storms, and less wind on Old Hickory Lakes. Outside of the Vanguard 15 racing our calendar is quiet until Saturday August 1 when we have a moonlight sail scheduled. 

July is a great time for a sleep out on your boat, for cleaning and maintenance, laying out on a float, or using the gas grilles for a cookout.
If anyone wants to take their boat and join me on a cruise up to where Route 109 crosses the lake, have dinner at the Old Hickory Steak House, spend the night on their transient dock and cruise back to the club the next day let me know and we will see what we can get organized.
Quarterly Dues have been sent by email.

Dues for the third quarter have been sent. Please check your in box for a June 22 mail From Harbor Island Yacht Club. If you do not see the invoice please check your spam folder. If it is not in either location please email me so that we can correct your email  address in Quick Books.
My least favorite job as Commodore is to make calls to collect dues that are past due. Our club's Constitution
require that we post on the Yacht Club bulletin board the names of all members with past due invoices greater than 30 days. In my years at HIYC this requirement has frequently been overlooked until invoices have aged greater than 60 days or more.

Other actions that are required is that your name will be dropped from the dock or mooring list until your account is current and it will then be restored to the list.The Rear Commodore manages dock and mooring assignments, and in my years at the club I have seen a number of members lose the opportunity for a slip assignment due to not being current.

Lastly, if a member is in arrears as much as six months  the member is to be dismissed from the Yacht Club and any boats or other property at the club must be quickly removed from the Yacht Club.

With knowledge that Covid-19 may have had a significant effect on some of our member's income we have repeatedly advised members to please contact our Treasurer John Robertson or me to discuss your particular issues and to set up a payment plan.
About my special blast:

I received a number of comments about the special blast that I sent out earlier this week. They fell into several categories:

1) A number of you correctly pointed out that the Mayor of Wilson county had rescinded his order requiring residents of Wilson County to wear a maskwhen out in public. Please note that my communication was mailed prior to the Mayor's action to rescind  a requirement that he was not empowered to make.  The Mayor quickly issued a new order "requesting" that residents of the County wear masks in public places.
 Because my blast regarding masks was a request, there was no need to change or issue a new email. I have been requesting members to wear masks in almost every communication for the last two months.

2) I received a number of emails and text messages thanking me for taking this issue on. It is a fact that Covid-19 has greatly  affected our operations this year. One of the things that grieves me is that so many of the reopening  policies simply suggest that those of us over 65 or people under 65 with a history of heath issues should just stay at home.

I asked that all people in our community  remember that we all pay our dues and have a right to enjoy the facilities of our club and the services that are offered to members. I requested that everyone in the Harbor Island Community show consideration and accommodate  our older members and some of our younger members with health issues by wearing a mask.
Common sense need to prevail. I hope that every one will carry a mask. If you are alone it is not necessary to wear a mask. However if you are in a group, please ask the others around you if they would feel more comfortable if you put your mask on. This is nothing more that showing respect and courtesy to the other members of our community.
Please remember that I pointed out that we will not be policing or fining members for failure to wear their mask.

3) I received one  comment from a member criticizing me for delving into politics. The person went on to state that the risks are overblown and that a member with health concerns should simply stay home.

The fact that the virus is spreading rapidly again and the fact that we had two close contact events in one week will allow each of you to draw your own conclusions.

I thanked that member for his honesty and his willingness to share his opinion with me.

I value the contributions of every member of the club. I am continually impressed by how many of our members reach out to help and offer support to other members. I try to live by the "golden rule" and  what John Donne wrote in 1624  about community is more true than ever today. 

No man is an island,

Entire of itself;

Every man is a piece of the continent, 

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less,

As well as if a promontory were:

As well as if a manor of thy friend's

Or of thine own were.

Any man's death diminishes me,

Because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;

It tolls for thee.


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