Commodore's Scuttlebutt June 19, 2020

 HIYC Activities June 19 - June 26
Friday June 19
Week one of sail camp concludes with continued great weather.
The hard work to prepare our Optis and Laser and get our new fleet  of Zests and Favas ready to sail has paid off. Thanks to the great work of our counselors, our adult volunteers and the staff of Leadership Academy. Our new daily check in and health screening went well and there was great instruction and fun on the water.


Check out the repairs being made to some worn out planks on the Courtesy Dock thanks to Harbormasters CJ Pierce and Tim Parshall.
Please come by the club for a brief Quarterly Member's Meeting at 5:00 PM.
Dock Meetings and Mooring  Meeting will follow at 5:30 PM
This is your opportunity to elect your Dock Admiral and Mooring Fleet Admiral.

Following the Dock and Mooring Field Meetings  a Dock Party  will be held on your dock (mooring field will meet at the Tiki Hut) It is a BYOB and BYOF (food) event. It is a good time to socialize, relax, raft or swim.
See below for additional details.
What better way could be found to celebrate Father's day than a day on the water!
Our Vanguard 15 Summer Series continues. No PHRF activity this weekend, but a great opportunity to sail, swim, and cook out! The gas grills are ready to be put to use.Remember to call your father (cell phones work from the club) or take him sailing.
Monday - Friday

Our focus returns to Sail Camp Week Two
Stringent procedures are in place that include daily health screening of  counselors, campers, and support staff and all boats and equipment will be carefully wiped down. In the Club House adult volunteers will continue carefully maintain the bathrooms. June 22-26 is scheduled to be our last week of Sail Camp this summer.
Fourth of July
I am happy to report that we will again have an exciting display of  Fireworks beginning at Sunset!
Due to Covid 19: we will be  observing social distancing policies. Members are encouraged to watch the fireworks from their boats, the parking lots,  and the club house deck. We will need to spread out and face masks are encouraged!
We will not be serving food or alcoholic beverages, but members are welcome to bring their own food and drink and the gas grills are available for cooking.
Other activities may include a boat parade, the adult opti race, and a "cornhole" bean bag competition. Look for additional details in the next few Friday Blasts.

Quarterly Meeting this Saturday June 20
Tomorrow at 5:00 PM we will have a brief Quarterly Members Meeting. Following the meeting you are encouraged to attend your dock meeting/party. This will be a bring your own food and drink event. Our club bylaws require the docks and mooring fleets to have an annual meeting and to hold an election for the position of "Dock/Mooring Admiral. The "Admiral" is the "CEO" of the dock who works with the Rear Commodore to make slip (mooring) assignments . The Admiral also is charged with  scheduling annual inspections of the anchors and chains securing the dock or mooring and to oversee maintenance and repairs as needed. The "Admiral" also must oversee the Dock's maintenance  fund and should be prepared to give an accounting to the members of the dock . Other responsibilities may include monthly testing of the Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit Breakers and confirming the condition of the dock's water system.

The Mooring Fleet can meet on the Courtesy Dock or the Club House Porch.
The One Design Fleets  and owner's of dry sailed boats can gather in the Dinghy Lot at the Tiki Hut!
Unusual Opportunity

Mark Fortune has informed me that we currently have  4 Opti hulls in the Laser rack: yellow, named School Bus, a blue one named Athena; two others, one HIYCOUP, the other named Splash. No rigging, boards or rudders — good for kids sandbox. Available for $50, payable to NSF.

If you are an owner of one of these hulls, then it must be removed from HIYC property as it is not in condition to be sailed. If no one steps forward to claim ownership then they will be sold or chopped up and disposed of.
Father's Day
The Bible tells us that God has numbered our days, and only he knows the exacts span of our lives.
As I reflect on this, I am aware of how blessed  my brother, sister, and I have been to have a father who at age 98, despite failed eyesight, still has his memory and still offers us advice and emotional support, and still has a zest for life. On this holiday, I hope that all of us will honor our dad's by taking the time to talk to your father or if he  has passed on to reflect on your memories of him and share those memories with your family. I hope that all of your children will take the time to share their love with you, and that we all will cherish the time and the love that God gives to us.
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