Commodore's Scuttlebutt May 22, 2020

 HIYC Activities May 22 - May 29

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and with the Double Hander Race coming up next weekend this is a great time to get your boat ready for racing. Additional race details can be found below. Our Vanguard 15 and Y-Flyer one Design fleets have been give the green light to resume their Sunday Series so be sure to check in with Fleet Captains Clint Webb and Anthony Passafiueme to get the dates and times of your races.
Cheeseburger in Paradise Party Canceled
Due to continued restrictions limiting social gatherings, we have cancelled the Cheeseburger in Paradise Party that was scheduled for May 30th.
Come out and see our new Fleet!

On Saturday May 30 from 9:00 -10:30 AM our new Youth Training Fleet will be in the water by our new "Opti Dock". This is a great opportunity to come out an see these exciting new boats that will certainly elevate the skills of our young sailors. 
NSF Chairman Marc Fortune and other members of the NSF Board will be on hand to "dedicate" our new fleet. There may also be the opportunity to take a boat out for a "quick spin" in the harbor. For those wishing to sail these great boats, gloves and masks are the dress of the day.

Also if you feel inclined to contribute to the purchase of these boats, your donation to the Nashville Sailing Foundation is tax deductible and all donations are appreciated!
Sail Camp Update
Laura Johnson who is an HIYC member and also is the director of Leadership Academy, the professional camp organization that manages the Sail Camp at HIYC has notified me that the first two weeks of camp scheduled for the weeks of June 1 and June 8 have been cancelled.
Sail Camp will begin on June 15th with another session following on the week of June 22nd
Our attendees will be the first group to use our new training boats!

Club Cleanup day follow up

Several of the surplus lasers which NSF is selling  are still available at bargin prices. The boats for sale are in the upper lot and all boats will come complete with a sail, board, and rudder & tiller and basic rigging.

We are looking to "clean up" the upper boat lot and the boat rack next to C dock. Secretary Ray Marley has tagged all trailers & boats without the required identification and also trailers & boats that appear to be in derelict condition. If you have a boat the upper lot or boat rack, please contact Ray Marley asap!

In mid June we will be filing abandoned property  reports in Wilson County and will then begin disposing of these items. There are several canoes, kayaks, and sunfish that have no identification.
Please remember that the upper lot and boat rack are for storage of boats and trailers that are being used. If your property has sat unused for more than a year, it must be removed. As things stand now, the upper lot is so congested, that it is difficult to maneuver a boat and trailer.
Please come out and check on your boat
If you have a boat in the mooring field, Harbor Master CJ Pierce is asking that you please come out to the club in the next couple of weeks and check your boat.

CJ had to replace mooring lines on two boats today when one of the required two mooring lines had broken and the other line was badly frayed. Please remember that club rules requires two mooring lines on every boat and a current Tennessee registration sticker.
Double Handed Race information
Race Chairman Jim Doran has made important changes to the sailing instructions for this race. Please carefully review the Notice of Race. here are a few important points:
1) the race begins at 12:00 Noon
2) To maintain "social distancing" there will not be a skippers meeting.
3) There will be no awards given after the race and there will be no post race social.
4) The race will be a "pursuit race"
5) If you are sailing with crew who is not living in your household we strongly encourage you to wear a protective mask.
6) Please click the link below to register for this race.
7) There is no entry fee for this race

It is hard to express how good it feels to share news with you other than cancellations. I am hopeful that we will be able to continue to expand our HIYC activities as the year goes on.
Heaving said that, I must ask you all to mindful that Covid 19 continues to infect more of our Tennessee citizens. While the rate of new infections goes down and then rises, what has really changed is that most of us feel more "comfortable" with the reality of the virus, and that through greater awareness of the symptoms and earlier treatment the death rate has declined.

Here at Harbor Island Yacht Club I feel the need to again remind all our members that we are all equal, that no group of members is more important than another group. That is why I continue to stress the need for people to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when they are on shore. None of our members should be forced to stay away from their boats and their club because other members disregard the need for PPE and social distancing.

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