Commodore's Scuttlebutt March 20, 2020

 HIYC Activities March 21-  March 28


So much has changed in the last week. Covid-19 is spreading rapidly and both our health officials (CDC) and our national and local governments are taking steps to contain this epidemic and slow its spread.

Covid-19 was discussed at length at the Board Meeting last night and we are announcing the following actions:

All Racing at HIYC for the month of April is cancelled.

The Cully Cobb 50K scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled.

The Alive Hospice Regatta is postponed until the fall and will likely replace the McDoogal Regatta this year.

Sunday Racing is also cancelled through April.

The Spring Clean Up day and General Member's Meeting scheduled for March 28 is postponed and will be held when we get a green light that it is safe to hold a gathering with a large number of people in close contact with each other.

At this time, it would appear that events in May are also at risk of cancellation however we will follow the course of this epidemic and the instructions from the CDC and our leaders before making that call.

Boats, Docks, and Sailing: Members are free to visit the club grounds, the dinghy lot and docks, sail their boats, and of course, clean, and maintain them.

The Club House:  We will be opening the bathrooms in the Club House shortly. We will be furnishing the bathrooms with an ample supply of disinfectant, soap, and disposable paper towels and covered trash cans with plastic liners. We will be posting instructions that will ask you to wash your hands and to use the  disinfectant spray on a paper towel to wipe down the toilet seat and the flush handle. At the sink you will need to carefully wash your hands and disinfect the faucet handles and sink and counter. As you leave the clubhouse we ask that you also disinfect any door handle that you touch.

The Living Room and Kitchen: These areas will remain off limits for now and are closed for use. The ice machine will be turned off and drained. The deck may be used but remember there are to be no official events and separation is required.

Quarterly Membership Dues

The bills for the second quarter of 2020 are now in the mail. If you have been laid low by the virus, or if you have been laid off from your job causing a financial hardship at this time , please drop an email, text, or give a call to our treasurer John Robertson or to me (Don Kaufman)
It is with extreme sadness that I must report the death of Chase Calligan son of Kathleen Callagan. Rick Smith has shared the following:

"Dearest friends your prayers, texts, phone calls and posts have helped us through a painful time in our family's life. Thank you for loving us and for your prayers. We will honor Chase's wishes for cremation and postpone the celebration of his life to the near future when the world is less chaotic. Chase leaves us with our hearts full of love, compassion, forgiveness and oneness that connects us all as family."
Rick and Kathleen
Having watched our community and our Yacht Club's response to the tornado that tore through Nashville and hit so very close to so many of us, I have enormous faith and confidence in our ability to weather the new challenge that faces us now, the Covid-19 virus. The medical community and our political leaders are asking us to do something that is against our very nature, shelter at home and avoid close contact with others.

Like all of you, I would love to be at HIYC sailing, or sitting at the Tiki Hut having a cold beer. We need to remember what the Center for Disease Control tells us, that after exposure to the virus,we can show no symptoms for 14 days, yet we can during this initial phase spread the virus to others. this is what makes Covid-19 so fast spreading and so dangerous.

Please take time at home to reconnect with those you live with, Call or text your family and friends, Video chat with your children and grandchildren.
Remember to treasure those around you and please take time to thank God for all you have and pray for a quick recovery for those who are ill and continued health and safety for those who are well. Also please remember to pray for those who have lost their lives to this illness and for God's love and peace for their families and friends.

Wishing you fair winds and smooth seas,


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