Commodore's Scuttlebutt November 22, 2019

Sail Camp
Thanks to everyone who provided input concerning expanding sail camp from four to six weeks. The board considered your input and voted to leave sail camp at four weeks for 2020.The board was pretty much as divided as you are on this question. Your input was valuable and I am certain your concerns will be addressed as much as possible during the next camp season. . 
Arnold Nye Tomorrow Nov. 23
Thanks Chandler Owen for stepping up as PRO and being flexible with the date.  More information and signup here /racing/arnold-nye  

The Race Committee (RC), in its sole discretion, will select teams of three or four members comprised of boats and skippers with similar aggregate PHRF ratings and past performance characteristics.  Teams are designated by a color; and each boat must display a ribbon of that color, to be supplied at the skippers' meeting, from its backstay.  If each team has 3 boats, all 3 boats' scores will count toward that team's overall point total for the race.  If one or more teams have 4 boats, each team's top 3 boats' scores for each race will count toward that team's overall point total for that race. The forecast calls for maybe a little light rain early in the morning and then cloudy with winds out of the West at 10 o 15. 

November 30th Flotsam Jetsam
This annual event celebrates the end of the year’s sailboat racing, awarding winners with trophies from previous events which were cancelled, left unclaimed or were not awarded for whatever reason.  This is your chance to claim that trophy you always coveted!  The Flotsam Jetsam is named for the nautical terms "Flotsam: floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo," and "Jetsam: part of a ship, its cargo or equipment, that is jettisoned to lighten the weight of a ship."  This regatta is a PHRF cruiser race with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only). More information and signup can be found online here: /racing/flotsam-jetsam 
November 30th Clubhouse Decorations

After the Flotsam Jetsam we will decorate the clubhouse for Christmas. BYOB and show up at the clubhouse around 4:00 PM. WE NEED SOMEONE TO VOLUNTEER TO HEAD THIS UP. Simply reply to this email if you are interested.

Christmas Brunch Sunday December 8th

Each year the HIYC Board of Governors hosts a Christmas Brunch and everyone is invited. Join us this year for good food, good conversation, champagne, and maybe a bloody mary.  It will be the last HIYC event of the year. Brunch will be served at 11:00 am. This year we have an opportunity to step in for Dave Hardesty as Santa for Dave's grandchildren. If you would like to participate, please bring an unwrapped gift  to the Brunch on behalf of Dave. This December may be especially tough for Valerie and Addi since their father Ben, Dave's son, died last year on December 23rd.  Below is a little information on Dave's grandchildren. 

VALERIE is almost 11. Her birthday is December 4th. She wears size 16/18 which is an XL in girls clothes. She loves dresses/clothes. She wears 8.5 women’s shoe and wants house slippers. She has been a cheerleader and dancer since she was in kindergarten. She is now in 5th grade. She loves horses, legos, and cheer/dance related things. She asked for a “LEGO horse set with Mia”. She enjoys barbies and Disney items also. 


Addi is in the 1st grade and is 7 years old. She wears a size 8/10 which is a Medium in girls clothes. She wears size 1 in shoes and wants house slippers. She is a girly girl for sure and loves legos and dolls.


Owen is 10 months old. He is in size 18 month fall/winter clothes. Diapers in size 4 or 5. Or wipes. He loves toys like the “play and learn” or “laugh and learn” items. He’s teething so a lot of stuff goes in his mouth.