Commodore's Scuttlebutt September 27, 2019

 Andy Carson stepped up as  PRO for the McDougal Cruiser regatta on October 12th. Andy, Thank you so much!
Fall cleanup day and quarterly meeting
Saturday September 28th we will hold the Fall cleanup day starting at 8:00 am. Lunch will be served at noon and we will have the quarterly meeting during lunch. The Rear Commodore will announce next year's new officer nominees to be voted in at the meeting. They have been selected by the Rear Commodores and we are very lucky this year to have had a great slate of members who stepped up and volunteered to serve. If you will not be able to attend please email your proxies to Greg Theriot. . We had planned to have hamburgers for lunch and they were stored in one of the kitchen freezers. Unfortunately they were stolen. Very difficult for me to believe but others were not surprised at all. I was not a fan of adding cameras to monitor and record the comings and goings at the club but am now an advocate.  During cleanup day we hope to get the south and west walls of the clubhouse painted so wear some clothes that you don't mind getting paint on. 
The bathroom renovation has begun. Joe Ballard, David Brandon, John Marshall, Maribeth Hagan, and Jessica McCann have all worked hard to get us to this point and I am confident that we will end up with a couple of heads that we will be proud to *&## in. 
McDougall Cruiser Regatta

Andy Carson has stepped up as PRO for the McDougall on October 12th. Andy, thank you so much! This colorful regatta series was initiated by HIYC in 1968 to honor the club's "Adopted Scotsman," Thistle skipper John McDougall: a Harbor Islander who was instrumental in organizing and promoting sailing in Nashville.  It was he who purchased the land on what would become Harbor Island.  John constructed a concrete causeway from the mainland for the purposes of developing a residential community prior to the lake being filled.  No doubt, he also dreamed of a permanent location for he and his sailing friends.  We at HIYC owe a great debt to this man; because without John and that fortuitous notion, HIYC would not be in existence. Mark your calendars for Saturday October 12th. More information next week.

September 19, 2019 (Last Week)
Currently anchored at Saugatuck, MI
Lake Michigan. 2nd Largest of the great lakes with a north-south fetch of some 330 miles and an east-west fetch of some 75 miles. Need I say more?! Leaving Mackinac Island, I sailed under the incredible Mackinac Bridge known locally as “Mighty Mac.” It is the 16th longest suspension bridge in the world. My first stop was Charlevoix, excellent marina, food and “Mushroom Houses.” These homes look like Hobbit houses built of local stone by self-educated architect and realtor Earl Young. I stayed in Charlevoix for 4 nights as very strong winds and storms blew through the area. Great opportunity to meet fellow Loopers and many locals who told stories of storms and shipwrecks and unfortunately of lives lost. Met up with fellow Canadian Looper Harold Davies on his CS 33-foot sloop “Columba.” We were both single handed, so we teamed up and sailed next to Leland. There, historic “Fishtown” is still home to an active fishing fleet. Imagine if the water level in Old Hickory Lake suddenly rose by 6 feet. This is what almost everyone on the Great Lakes is dealing with. Flooded docks, buildings and marinas. The lake level comes right up to the docks in Fishtown. We next stopped at Manistee where the entire marina was brand new. In 2018 a seiche hit this town. The water level rose by 8 feet in 15 minutes flooding everything on the channel. A seiche is a rare Great Lakes phenomenon caused by extreme high and low pressures and strong winds. Now Chicago was calling but south winds were blowing 10 to 15 knots. With mutual support, Harold and I motor sailed against the wind in 2-foot seas to Pentwater, Muskegon and today Saugatuck. The beating could have been worse, but it is never fun. The eastern shore of Lake Michigan is full of small towns built around protected harbors offering locals as well as Loopers shelter from bad weather, historic sites, provisions, restaurants and local color.
Next, we sail to Chicago, across the Lake!
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