Commodore's Scuttlebutt September 6, 2019

The next time you see David Brandon or Joe Ballard, be sure and thank them for giving up part of their weekend to repair another plumbing leak under the house. Those two are also working with the Long Range Planning Committee to get the restroom work completed. In addition to reworking the restrooms it turns out that we need to redo all of the potable and sanitary plumbing under the house. The current status is "getting over sticker shock". This will be on the agenda for next week's board meeting.
Every Fall the past Commodores select a new Junior Governor and a new Secretary for the Change of Watch. At that time the Vice Commodore (currently Don Kaufman) begins the process of picking his team to chair all of the various committees. Often he simply asks the person who is currently in each role if they wouldn't mind doing it one more year. Quite often the volunteers are willing to give it one more year and sometimes that turns into many years of service. Normally there are a couple of positions where the current Chairperson for one reason or another decides to take a break and the Vice Commodore must reach out to the membership to find a replacement. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a committee or be "on call" to help a committee, or Chair a committee please reach out to Don and let him know that you are interested and available. Current committees include the following: Club Boats, Grounds, Harbormaster, Historical Commission, House Manager, Long-Range Planning, Membership, Construction, Race, Registrar, Power Boats, Ship Store, Social, and Webmaster. 
I am aware that Don will need a volunteer for New Membership Chair and Race Chair (Cruiser) as  Pam, and Howard intend to take some time off and Jim Doran needs someone to step up so that he can ease out over the next year. 
 We still need a PRO for the McDougal Cruiser regatta on October 12th.
Iron Skillet Regatta
Saturday September 14th 2019
9:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM Skippers Meeting
11:25 AM Warning Signal
Trophy Presentation after Race

The Iron Skillet Regatta was established on the questionable premise that a winning skipper can also be a winning chef.  Each year, the winning skippers are given iron skillet trophies, as it has been since the regatta's inception.  In the original iteration of the regatta, the overall winner's trophy was to be used to prepare a meal the following year for all regatta participants.  While the cooking results were not always up to founding-member Betty Caldwell's culinary excellence, the winners of yore spared little effort in making up for lack of experience with quantity.  In more recent years, this tradition was dropped due to the time required to prepare such a meal after a day on the water.  The new tradition is to have the winning skippers provide the snacks and drinks for the participants' after party at the following year's regatta.  The Iron Skillet is a PHRF cruising fleet regatta, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).

Harbor Island Yacht Club invites you to sail in the forty-fourth annual Lotsa Lasers Regatta on Old Hickory Lake September 21-22, 2019.  We plan short-course races following three-minute starting sequences governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing with changes made to RRS 29.1 (Individual Recalls will be hailed), A2 (Scoring to exclude a “throw out” if six or more races are completed) and 67 with respect to 42 (Propulsion will result in an excludable disqualification) as detailed in the sailing instructions.  These may be reviewed at the website,, along with directions and weather.  Breakfast and lunches will be provided and there will be a lasagna dinner Saturday night. And there will be awards...for the top three juniors (age 17 and under), for the first first-time participant, for the first lady...apprentice master (35-44), master (45-54), grand master (55-64), great grand master (65 and over), featherweight (under 60 kg), Clydesdale (over 80 kg)...and for the top four finishers overall.  All will be eligible for the dreaded MOP (middle of the pack) and for the highly prized Bookend Award (presented to the skipper who starts in every race and finishes with the highest point total).  Radials and 4.7’s will compete as a separate class for “top three” awards. *AND Vanguard-15’s are invited to compete as a separate class for “top three” awards by way of practicing  for their National Championships in Chicago the following weekend.
The registration fee will be $30 which includes lunches Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.
Please call Bruce Richards at (615) 347-0721 ( ) if you have any questions or if we can assist you with your planning.  If you plan to arrive Friday night, you will need to call to obtain the combination to the gate across the causeway.  If you would like to use one of NSF/HIYC’s boats to sail in this event, contact Greg Theriot (615) 578-3084 (

SATURDAY SEPT 21         1000 HOURS                Registration
                                                 1130                         Skippers' meeting
                                                1145                           Lunch
                                                1300                           First race with others to follow
                                                1830                           Dinner
SUNDAY SEPT 22                  0800                          Breakfast
                                                1000                          More races (no starts after 1300)
                                                1400                          Lunch and trophy presentation

Please go to to pre-register and help us with our planning!

Fall cleanup day and quarterly meeting
Saturday September 28th we will hold the Fall cleanup day starting at 8:00 am. Lunch will be served at noon and we will have the quarterly meeting during lunch. The Rear Commodore will announce next year's new officer nominees to be voted in at the meeting. If you will not be able to attend please email your proxies to Greg Theriot.  
Middle and High School Junior Sailing Teams Are Now Starting : Click here for more information
Domino and me and Rob and Nelson  
A Great Loop Adventure

September 4, 2019
Currently we are docked at Spider Bay Marina, Little Current, Ontario, North Channel.
The weather has turned foul on us.  Every 2 to 3 days another late Fall/Winter storm passes over us requiring a safe harbor and a delay of our travels by 2 or 3 days. The current storm has gale force winds 25 to 30 mph with gusts 35 to 40, higher in thunderstorms. The buoy in North Channel was recording 4-foot seas after midnight. We are still 141 statute miles from Mackinaw and the forecast for Saturday is again 20 mph winds. We have a forecast good weather window on Thursday and Friday and plan to take full advantage of it sailing every minute of daylight straight for Mackinaw across several stretches of open water. I have not ruled out the possibility of night sailing to ensure we beat the next storm system.
Rob, Nelson and I are having an amazing time. Since they joined Domino in Midland, Ontario on August 22nd, we have crossed Georgian Bay anchoring in the Bad River, where Rob caught fish for supper. Because of the high water levels in the lakes, Devil’s Door, usually a 4 foot rapid was simply flat. We were awed by the incredible scenery and sight of the Three Sisters light houses out on the barren rocks. Our visit to Killarney was next where great fish and chips, pints of liquid refreshment and friendly locals with funny Irish and English accents will be a lasting memory. Next morning, we left early to find shelter in Little Creek ahead of the oncoming storm. Current and an old swing bridge were the challenge that preceded our entry into the marina. In rainy conditions with a 2 mph current against us, I hailed the Bridge Master with a plea for help. The bridge opens on the hour and we were going to miss the opening by 5 minutes. In true Canadian fashion, he held up the opening for us so we would not have to wait an hour for the next one. He casually mentioned, “Yes, traffic is a bit heavier than usual this morning. I am going to have to delay the opening, hope you don’t mind.”
Next, we battle the weather and bee line to Mackinaw.

Fall River Trip to Kentucky Lake
Interested? Contact Rob McDonald 
It seems like every year or two several boats move together down river to Kentucky Lake. It is a fun and interesting trip especially if you have never done it. This trip is in the early stages of planning so contact Rob with  your input.
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