Commodore's Scuttlebutt August 30, 2019

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Low Country Boil and Raft-up.
Nice Turnout

We had quite a few people who made reservations and were not able to attend. We have received payment from a couple of those people and need the remainder to send their check. If you made a reservation and were not able to attend send your check to the HIYC PO Box at the end of this email. Note that it is for the Low Country Boil.
Board Nominations are due tomorrow
Please submit your nomination for Secretary and Junior Governor to be elected at the quarterly meeting on September 28th immediately following clean-up day. The Junior Governor will serve for three years as Junior Governor, Governor, and Senior Governor. The Secretary will serve for four years as Secretary, Vice Commodore, Commodore, and Rear Commodore. 
Both of these new leaders must be willing to attend our monthly board meetings, be responsible for several races and events, assist other board members with their responsibilities, help decorate for the holidays as well as  plan and serve the Christmas Brunch.
Nominees must be current with their dues, in good standing, and willing to serve the 3 or 4 year terms. 
Look around the club, on the water, at a social gathering....who do you know who would be willing to serve our club for the next three or four years.
Send your nominations to Rear Commodore Gene Lovelace . 
For additional information about theis process or the responsibilities of these offices, check out th eHIYC website, member section, HIYC Constitution: Article V Section 1 - Officers and Board of Governors & Section 5 Nominating Committee.
Race Committee Chair
Most of our regattas are organized by the race committee chairs Bruce Richards and Jim Doran. It is a big job and both of these guys have been at it for quite some time. We need someone to volunteer to co-chair the cruiser chair position with Jim Doran next year and then take it over entirely the following year. During the year as co-chair Jim will teach you everything you need to know. We also need a PRO for the McDougal Cruiser regatta on October 12th.

Harbor Island Yacht Club invites you to sail in the forty-fourth annual Lotsa Lasers Regatta on Old Hickory Lake September 21-22, 2019.  We plan short-course races following three-minute starting sequences governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing with changes made to RRS 29.1 (Individual Recalls will be hailed), A2 (Scoring to exclude a “throw out” if six or more races are completed) and 67 with respect to 42 (Propulsion will result in an excludable disqualification) as detailed in the sailing instructions.  These may be reviewed at the website,, along with directions and weather.  Breakfast and lunches will be provided and there will be a lasagna dinner Saturday night. And there will be awards...for the top three juniors (age 17 and under), for the first first-time participant, for the first lady...apprentice master (35-44), master (45-54), grand master (55-64), great grand master (65 and over), featherweight (under 60 kg), Clydesdale (over 80 kg)...and for the top four finishers overall.  All will be eligible for the dreaded MOP (middle of the pack) and for the highly prized Bookend Award (presented to the skipper who starts in every race and finishes with the highest point total).  Radials and 4.7’s will compete as a separate class for “top three” awards. *AND Vanguard-15’s are invited to compete as a separate class for “top three” awards by way of practicing  for their National Championships in Chicago the following weekend.
The registration fee will be $30 which includes lunches Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.
Please call Bruce Richards at (615) 347-0721 ( ) if you have any questions or if we can assist you with your planning.  If you plan to arrive Friday night, you will need to call to obtain the combination to the gate across the causeway.  If you would like to use one of NSF/HIYC’s boats to sail in this event, contact Greg Theriot (615) 578-3084 (

SATURDAY SEPT 21         1000 HOURS                Registration
                                                 1130                         Skippers' meeting
                                                1145                           Lunch
                                                1300                           First race with others to follow
                                                1830                           Dinner
SUNDAY SEPT 22                  0800                          Breakfast
                                                1000                          More races (no starts after 1300)
                                                1400                          Lunch and trophy presentation

Please go to to pre-register and help us with our planning!

Lock #42
Domino and me – A Great Loop Adventure
August 29, 2019
Currently staying at Rob McDonald’s cottage, Raven’s Rock, on the Wanapitei Bay. Domino is docked at Wright’s Marina, Byng Inlet, Britt, Ontario.
Monday last week, Domino and I descended the Trent Severn Waterway’s Marine Railway, Lock #42. No description can accurately portray the exhilaration of descending 65 feet with Domino in a sling attached to a railway cart. Tuesday, I entered Georgian Bay and sailed to Midland, Ontario to step my mast, provision and wait for Rob’s and Nelson’s arrival on Thursday. After a few minor hiccups, they arrived late Thursday evening. The details of the “hiccups” are reserved for future tiki hut lore. Saturday morning, we sailed to Frying Pan Harbor in perfect conditions where we docked and enjoyed a delicious fish & chips dinner at the famous Henry’s Restaurant. Sunday, we cruised the inland Small Craft Channel to Pointe au Baril and were forced to anchor in a narrow, shallow cove when the two charted marinas were both closed. This Monday, with strong winds and storms approaching, we sailed early morning to Wright’s Marina for protection in increasing winds and sporty two-foot confused seas. Through Divine Providence and the assistance of the marina housekeeping lady, Rob discovered that his cottage was only 30 kilometers by land from the marina. We decided this was the perfect place to leave Domino and explore the amazing vacation island world of the French River while we rode out the storm. The islands are primitive; electricity from solar panels, water carried by hand from the lake, your choice of outhouse or an indoor composting toilet, which was already winterized for the season and out of service. This area that Rob grew up in offers rugged, beautiful scenery and outstanding fishing. Thursday, we returned to Wright’s Marina to prepare for passage to the Bustard Islands then north to Devil’s Door.
Next, we put on our kilts and head out to Killarney!

Iron Skillet Regatta
Saturday September 14th 2019
9:00 AM Registration
10:00 AM Skippers Meeting
11:25 AM Warning Signal
Trophy Presentation after Race

The Iron Skillet Regatta was established on the questionable premise that a winning skipper can also be a winning chef.  Each year, the winning skippers are given iron skillet trophies, as it has been since the regatta's inception.  In the original iteration of the regatta, the overall winner's trophy was to be used to prepare a meal the following year for all regatta participants.  While the cooking results were not always up to founding-member Betty Caldwell's culinary excellence, the winners of yore spared little effort in making up for lack of experience with quantity.  In more recent years, this tradition was dropped due to the time required to prepare such a meal after a day on the water.  The new tradition is to have the winning skippers provide the snacks and drinks for the participants' after party at the following year's regatta.  The Iron Skillet is a PHRF cruising fleet regatta, with 4 fleets: Heavy A, Heavy B, Light, and C fleet (main and jib only).
Fall River Trip to Kentucky Lake
Interested? Contact Rob McDonald 
It seems like every year or two several boats move together down river to Kentucky Lake. It is a fun and interesting trip especially if you have never done it. This trip is in the early stages of planning so contact Rob with  your input.