Commodore's Scuttlebutt August 9, 2019

Low Country Boil and Raft-up.
Circle of Love
2018 Low Country Boil Raft-up
August 24th. Pick up meals between 5:00PM and 5:30PM. Meals are $5.00 cash each. Pay when you pick up your meal. We will cook 40 meals. Be one of the first 40 in order to get a meal. Big round of thanks to Doug & Tresa Botzum, Tom Hines, Ashley Evans, Jim Millman, and Tim & Tina Parshall for stepping up! 
The Low Country Boil and Raft-up will include cooking food below the clubhouse. It is currently a mess. It will be cleaned up prior to the event. If any of this stuff is yours come and clean it up. It will be thrown away next weekend. If it is something that belongs to the club that you left out, please store it back where it belongs.
Board Nominations are due in August
Please submit your nomination for Secretary and Junior Governor to be elected at the quarterly meeting on September 28th immediately following clean-up day. The Junior Governor will serve for three years as Junior Governor, Governor, and Senior Governor. The Secretary will serve for four years as Secretary, Vice Commodore, Commodore, and Rear Commodore. 
Both of these new leaders must be willing to attend our monthly board meetings, be responsible for several races and events, assist other board members with their responsibilities, help decorate for the holidays as well as  plan and serve the Christmas Brunch.
Nominees must be current with their dues, in good standing, and willing to serve the 3 or 4 year terms. 
Look around the club, on the water, at a social gathering....who do you know who would be willing to serve our club for the next three or four years.
Send your nominations to Rear Commodore Gene Lovelace . 
For additional information about theis process or the responsibilities of these offices, check out th eHIYC website, member section, HIYC Constitution: Article V Section 1 - Officers and Board of Governors & Section 5 Nominating Committee.

Domino and me – A Great Loop Adventure
HIYC Member Zyg Durski 
Currently docked at Lock #6 of the Trent Severn Waterway. Six days in Kingston, Ontario were amazing. Outdoor concerts, a street fair, The Multisport Canada Triathlon, a visit to Canada’s West Point, The Royal Military College of Canada. But Domino was long overdue for a new mainsail so a trip to John Clark’s Sail Loft was in order. John is an incredibly talented and lettered sail maker with over 30 years of experience. The new custom hand-crafted sail will be delivered next week just in time for sailing the Georgian Bay. Finally, it was time to unstep Domino’s mast at Kingston Marina. This same location builds fire boats for cities such as Miami and New York. The new fire boat for Kuwait was going through sea trials right next to us. The74 mile trip to Trenton, the start of the Trent Severn Waterway took 12 hours through the Bay of Quinte with weather that ran the gamut from fog, absolutely no wind, torrential rain to clear skies and strong wind. Next, transiting the remaining 37 locks including the Peterborough hydraulic lift lock and the Big Chute marine railway Lock #44.

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