Commodore's Scuttlebutt June 21, 2019

The National Hospice Regatta Alliance Championship starts today. Representing HIYC are Sean Clare, Sam Anderson, and John Robertson. We are proud to have them in Charleston and wish them luck.
Boat Registration

At the beginning of every year dock admirals are required to gather proof of insurance and registration for every boat in the water. Getting this information is like pulling healthy teeth. They have always accepted a photograph of the registration card and we have moved on. I get frequent complaints about some boats not having the current registration stickers installed. You have already shown proof that you have the current stickers, please put them on your boat.

Quarterly Meeting & Dock Parties - June 22nd (Rain date June 29th)

Quarterly Meeting 6 p.m. at the Clubhouse
Annual Dock Meetings at the B and C docks immediately following. A dock and D dock will evidently have their mandatory annual dock meetings at a later date.

Dock Parties 7 p.m. 

If your dock party falls apart, pick up your stuff and come on over to B or C dock. 

Three weeks of Sail camp are almost in the books. Next week will be the last week. 
Visit the site below for more information concerning sail camp. 
Dinghy relay race, hamburgers, fireworks and more
Senior Governor Dan Haskel is hosting the event this year and he could certainly use your help. Please contact Dan by email: or phone 615-478-4994