Commodore's Scuttlebutt June 7, 2019

Sail camp has begun. Be aware that the power will be turned off at all docks while campers are present. One thing that has been noticed is that we still have some dock boards on the courtesy dock that are sprung and need to be replaced. We need a couple of volunteers to replace those. Reply to this blast if you are interested with the days you can be available. We should be able to knock this out in an evening if we have several volunteers.
Yazoo Summer Regatta
Saturday June 15th 
This year we will again have the "Yazoo" Summer Regatta on June 15. To make the race fun and relaxed, we are going to use a pursuit start. Yep, no committee boat, no worrying about other boats on the start line and no worrying about count down timers and horns. Just look at your start time after the official start at 11:25 AM in the Pursuit Start Times attached.  Then all you do is finish the race (the race committee will be at the finish line to record the order of finish). That way you know exactly where you finished and can go to the clubhouse for a cool one. The 8 mile or 5 mile course will be decided the morning of the event.
9:30 am: Registration, 10:30 am: Skippers’ Meeting 12:00 pm: starting times begin
Note: this is a little different than I posted last week.
Trophy Presentation at after race
Register Here: /racing/double-handed 
We still need a PRO for the McDougal in the Fall. Contact Jim Doran to volunteer.
Quarterly Meeting & Dock Parties - June 22nd (Rain date June 29th)

Quarterly Meeting 6 p.m. at the Clubhouse
Annual Dock Meetings at each dock immediately following.

Dock Parties 7 p.m. 

Each dock is encouraged to plan a theme and coordinate their food & beverages.  Docks are also encouraged to invite associate members or members without boats to join their dock for the party.

Mooring Fleet - Members will join the causeway dock.
Associate Members/Trailer Sailors - TheTiki Hut and/or launch dock are yours or join a friend on another dock.  If you want to join another dock, but don't know who to approach, please email

Dock Competition - This is a dock competition for bragging rights as the Best Party Dock.  We need a few associate members to volunteer to be judges.  Please contact if you are interested.  Bribing the judges is encouraged!

Visit the site below for more information concerning sail camp. 

The Challenge:
Our club has a lot of members. Some have been around for 50+ years, others have been around nearly that long but have taken some time off and are now back. A few have been members less than a year. It is not abnormal for you to not know everyone's name or face. If you see someone at the club that you don't know introduce yourself and find out who they are. If they aren't members or guests of a member who is present, inform them that they need to leave. 
Challenge people that you don't know. You may meet your new best friend.