Commodore's Scuttlebutt March 14, 2019

Thursday Scuttlebutt this week due to questions about the "You Got To Go To Know" event
Friday evening March 15th
From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Bring an appetizer to share if you like and BYOB

Chris DiCroce is an Amazon bestselling author, sailor, and online educator. He has been featured in Sail Magazine, The Waterway Guide, Spinsheet Magazine, and various other magazines and podcasts. He spent 6 years cruising various parts of the U.S. and the Western Caribbean with his wife and dog, and 2 years traveling through Guatemala and Mexico. To learn more about Chris and his travels, visit .
The title of Chris's talk will be
You Gotta Go To Know: How a one year sailing sabbatical turned into a 7 year journey of transformation and discovery.

After 11 years working an unfulfilling job that was affecting my health, I sold my house and almost everything in it to move aboard my 35 foot sailboat for what was to be a one-year escape. A year to decide what the next phase of life would look like. That one year turned into almost seven years of sailing, which took us down the entire east coast to Cuba, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. 

The Journey transitioned into something we never expected. We discovered that living simply allowed us to live a life full of experiences and adventures. We developed skills that enabled us to keep working while living in places we never dreamed of. 

We learned that life rarely goes as planned, and that's perfectly OK. In fact, sometimes life's little surprises reveal a dream you never knew you had. 
I want to share this experience with people. I want to inspire them to go after their dreams, no matter what they look like. I truly believe you gotta go to know. 
I'm excited for the opportunity to speak at HIYC, the place where it all began.
The Cully Cobb 50K Regatta will take place on Saturday March 16th. Pre-Register online at .
08:30 Registration (Thank you Dock)
09:00 Skippers Meeting
10:25 Warning Signal.
Thank your race committee chair, Jim Doran for stepping up as the PRO for this event. He couldn't find a volunteer to do it.
Folks enjoying the sunshine at HIYC last Sunday will have noticed a lot of activity in the dinghy lot.  The Y-Flyer class has their annual Midwinters Regatta at Atlanta Yacht Club next weekend March 16-17.  Nearly 50 Y-Flyers are registered for the regatta, 5 of which are coming from HIYC!  Anthony Passafiume, Ray Marley, Ben Murphy, Ania Gorska and Clint Webb will be skippering boats from our club and we couldn't be more excited about the record turnout from our club! 

Midwinters is the 1st Regatta of the year for the Y-Flyer class and most of us had hardly looked at our beloved boats in several frigid/wet months.  Sunday was the perfect day to do a little tuning, some practice sailing and derigging to get ready to travel.  We expect a busy travel and racing season for the class.  Fleet 62 from HIYC has seen tremendous growth thanks to the efforts of members throughout the club to promote one design dinghy sailing.  So, thank you for your support, wish us luck and we look forward to sharing results throughout the year.
Insurance and Registration
The HIYC Member Boat Policy states the following:
III.    Rights to Dock Space and Moorings- 
        B. Eviction from Dock Spaces is subject to appeal to the Board - No assigned user will be evicted from a dock space except for (1) failure to fulfill dock maintenance obligations and/or Club obligations, [Club obligations include adherence to all HIYC policies such as club pet leash policy; single keel-boat ownership; payment of all dues, fines, or fees on time; boat insurance and registration policy, Board directives on land use, etc.] (2) use of the dock space for a power boat, (3) absence more than six months without Board approval, (4) creation of a significant hazard to safety, (5)unauthorized sailboat swap with any affiliate/charity organization’s boat; (6) termination of HIYC membership, or (7) the kind of misconduct specified in Article VIII of the HIYC Constitution. An eviction can be mitigated by the Board at any time and is not dependent upon an appeal.
The HIYC Member Boat Policy goes on to state:
VI.    Boat Registration and Liability Insurance
         A.     All boats on moorings or in the water at slips must be registered with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), and display current boat registration in accordance with the law. Boat owners not in compliance are subject to fines by TWRA.
         B.      All boats must have comprehensive (third party) liability insurance to cover damage costs should their boat damage another member's boat. (e.g. breaking free from the mooring or slip, or starting a fire)

For those of you who are on a wait list it looks like you may get an opportunity for a slip pretty soon. Anyone not in compliance by April 1st will receive the 30 day notice of eviction and their boat must be removed from the slip or mooring ball no later than May 1st. 

Pretty Sad.
Spring Clean-up Day and Quarterly Meeting March 23rd.
Come on out to the club early and be ready to work.  A BBQ lunch from Famous Dave's will be generously provided by the Nashville Sailing Foundation with a brief quarterly meeting immediately following lunch.

The following message is from NSF
Following lunch and business of the quarterly meeting, the Nashville Sailing Foundation, organized over 15 years ago, will commemorate the 30+ year anniversary of our kid’s sail camp.  While organized to promote the cause of teaching kids to sail, the result has had far reaching personal values beyond sailing. The HIYC quarterly meeting is a proper occasion for the early organizers to share their histories and for NSF to share with HIYC membership why the kid’s sail camp is important to HIYC, it’s members and to the Nashville community.  The speakers will provide brief reminiscing and several of the NSF Board members will be available for personal one-on-one conversations.  We believe it is important that the HIYC membership appreciate not just the labor-and-love of past contributors, but also the upward trajectory we believe this youth sail camp should sustain in parallel with the growth of Nashville and the corresponding dramatic positive influence on HIYC.  In addition, this is our opportunity to thank you, the membership of HIYC, for your past, current and future support for the sail camps, to explain how your resources are used and perhaps forecast what is next.
The HIYC Member Boat Policy States:
VII. Club Docks, Dinghy, and Courtesy Dock Utilization These docks are for short term use during regattas and for loading and unloading, and for repair of boats assigned to moorings, and are limited to 48 hours of continuous use. Their use is governed under the authority of the Harbor Master, and members violating the 48 hours rule are subject to an assessment of ten dollars ($10) per day. The Board of Governors is empowered to assess this fine through the Treasurer. Members that require the use of the Courtesy Dock longer than the 48 hours because of a “special situation” must get permission from the Harbor Master. During the Winter Series race program, members participating in the weekly series of races January – February may keep their boat at the Courtesy Dock if participating in the weekly event with the approval of the Harbor Master.
There will not be any warnings given.
If you know that your boat has been left for more than 48 hours at the courtesy dock without permission from CJ you can expect to receive an invoice from HIYC in the amount of $10 per day. It is as simple as that.
O.L. Shultz Regatta benefitting Alive Hospice at Harbor Island Yacht Club
Registration Now Open : APRIL 13-14 OPEN Weekend
                                                            APRIL 27-28 CRUISER Weekend

Benefit Breakfasts provided with your registration by a local sponsor
• Memorial Burgee Service by our Sea Scouts each race weekend
Special Celebration of Sailing Events on Saturday nights April 13 & 27
• National & HIYC Hospice Regatta T- shirts and logo wear (coming soon)
• Special Nashville themed Silent Auction items
OL Shultz Hospice Regatta T-Shirts now Available at:

Go on Line today at:
O L Shultz Open Regatta Weekend - April 13-14

O L Shultz Cruiser Regatta Weekend - April 27-28
O L Shultz Hospice Regatta has been invited to participate in the 20th National Hospice Regatta, Championship, June 21-23 in Charleston, SC. This year they will be sailing out of the College of Charleston using their J22 fleet. If you are interested in making application to sail in this event contact Gene Lovelace at or 615-887-9119 by April 1, 2019. Chosen participants will need to be able to pay their own expenses for this regatta.
The V-15's had their annual meeting last weekend and it was a Blast!