Commodore's Scuttlebutt February 8, 2019

Around the Clubhouse:
Thanks for leaving the cabinet doors open under the sinks. Please continue this when the temperature will be below freezing.  We are working on a plan to get the porch roof repaired but not much progress so far. Don't park under the overhang on the north end of the porch. We have a board meeting on Tuesday evening. If you have something for the board to consider please send a note to Bob the Commodore. 
Don't forget that next Thursday is Valentine's Day

Thank you for providing input for kids activities at the club. I understand that we had some excellent ideas. Please click on the link below to fill out the form If you have not already done so. 

The Social Committee will use the information and suggestions provided to help ensure we have some activities that our kids will enjoy. This is the last week that the link will be provided so please let us know what you think.

Race Committee
We need a volunteer to fill the role of PRO for the Cully Cobb Regatta on March 16th. Contact Jim Doran to volunteer. 

Early March will bring us a winter wonderland semi-formal SNOW BALL. The event will be inside the clubhouse, feel free to dress formal or semi-formal. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday March 2nd, in the evening. This event will be replacing the Mardi Gras Party (every other year), but the Regatta itself is still a-go. Performing, will be the band Nicole Boggs & The Reel. The Nashville based soulstress sings fearlessly and has shared the stages all across the country with many notable acts and musical monsters of the industry. Most recently Nicole was featured on "The Four" on Fox "making Meghan Trainor jealous" with her rendition of "Like I'm Gonna Lose You." We can't wait to have talent like Nicole's to entertain us; wear your dancing shoes, and be ready for a party. Feel free to give her a view / listen:

Link 1:
Link 2:

  Volunteers Needed to help plan our first ever Snow Ball! 
Meet at the clubhouse at 4:00 PM this Sunday.

Friday evening March 15th we will have a special guest speaking at the club.
Chris DiCroce is an Amazon bestselling author, sailor, and online educator. He has been featured in Sail Magazine, The Waterway Guide, Spinsheet Magazine, and various other magazines and podcasts. He spent 6 years cruising various parts of the U.S. and the Western Caribbean with his wife and dog, and 2 years traveling through Guatemala and Mexico. To learn more about Chris and his travels, visit .
The title of Chris's talk will be
You Gotta Go To Know: How a one year sailing sabbatical turned into a 7 year journey of transformation and discovery.

Kent Martin Winter Series

If the Friday 10:00 PM weather forecast on Channel 4 predicts a high temperature of 40F or higher then the race is on. The official starting time 0:00 hour is 12:00 PM. The competitors are encouraged to gather in the clubhouse before going. 
The current forecast for Saturday is a high of 44 F and wind at 9 out of the NE with lots of sunshine.

Schmid Frostbite Series
Come join in the fun every Sunday through the end of February. Sailors tend to gather just before noon in the dinghy lot to begin rigging and get themselves mentally and physically prepared for the day. The historical rule of thumb for a temperature cut off has been a forecast high of 34 degrees. The current  forecast for Sunday is 46 F with winds at 7 out of the SSE. Likely be raining on Sunday but check the forecast on Saturday evening.

Race Committee
We need a volunteer to fill the role of PRO for the Cully Cobb Regatta on March 16th. Contact Jim Doran to volunteer. 

Check out for more information
Last week as well as several other times in the past we had someone pose as a member and request other members purchase gift cards for something that sounded plausable. Luckly no one to my knowledge fell for this trick but it would be easy to fall for it. No one from HIYC should ever ask you to send a gift card. Be wary of email requests that appear to come from other members especially if the email address does not match what you have for that member. When in doubt give them a call to verify.