Commodore's Scuttlebutt August 31, 2018


 August  / 31  / 2018   


Watch your Mail box for the 2nd edition of the


first one (" gOT a LiTTLe  miXed uP"! )



Caught doing good

Over the past few weeks, I have either witnessed... or been sent photos or names of our club members... showing up... doing good


Thanks to those who rescued our race committee boat and leveled the boat lift. Mandy & William Hofmeister, JD Powell, and Joe Ballard we thank you for your unsolicited labor. A difficult and messy repair.  


Last Sunday a quick request in the blast yielded a grand workforce to begin our redesign of the  clubhouse entrance. Thanks to Grounds committee chairman Ted Chapin, Ray Marley, Joe Ballard, JD Powell, Markley Gordon, and Bob Carlton for a couple of good hours of hard labor as we prepare for a new concrete sidewalk.


Also on Sunday, there was a work crew, forming up 1,000 lb mooring and dock concrete anchor forms to be poured and placed in our harbor very soon. Appreciation to Greg Theriot, Don Kaufman, and Peter Bennett


And finally thanks to our social committee. Cindy Lovelace  & Beth Marshall for coordinating and planning the meal for the HIYC Low country boil.


Once again, HIYC members hold true to their spirit of service to each other.




Thanks to all who honored the no parking this past weekend.... A+


Tiki Hut Boat Area as designed....NO CARS




Here's a repeat of last week's request..


On most days at HIYC, we have adequate parking on our paved lots and in the grass across from our entrance for about anything on our calendar. 


It has become clear to me that we have not communicated to our membership about the problems of parking in the gravel lots at the tiki hut, and in the gravel lot at the covered dinghy area.


These lots are where many of our members keep their sailboats. They need the complete gravel area to set up, rig, and launch their boats. Parking there has kept several of our members from being able to rig and launch their boats after driving out to the club to sail. These lots are not for parking while at the tiki hut, going out to get your boat off a mooring, or heading out for a day of sailing. They are for use by the owners of the small boats stored there.... to ready and to launch. 


Only exception: a boat owner or guest who needs to load or unload something can park there to load or unload. Then they should move to one of the paved lots.


We will be installing signs in the days ahead to remind you, but if folks continue to park there without respect for our small boat owner members, we will be forced to have vehicles towed








It’s that time of year when Members choose next year’s additions to our Board of Governors. The two positions open are the Junior Governor and the Secretary.


The Governor’s position is a three year commitment; starting next year as Junior Governor, Governor the next year and then Senior Governor the following.


The Secretary’s position is a four year commitment; Secretary next year, then Vice Commodore the following, Commodore the year after and Rear Commodore the last year of Board service.


These are important roles for the future of HIYC and Members are encouraged to think of this not as a popularity contest; but a thoughtful suggestion as to who has leadership qualities, time availability and the temperament to collaborate with the existing Board Members.


Please submit your nominations by email to our Rear Commodore, Randall Butler, at:





 From your Race Committee


Jim Doran Race Chairman



Skippers register Today!


The Iron Skillet Regatta

 September 15, 2018



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Fall Race Schedule Needs: 

                PRO for Beesley 50 K - November 17




contact Jim Doran at 615-972-2619 or  email at :








 Reserve the Club Catalina 22 

  Club Boat Admiral - Tim Parshall



 Call Tim for details on reserving the boat for an afternoon sail   and check out the information on the HIYC website 








Questions about your HIYC  Dues


Contact Kim at Tailored Business

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Looking Ahead ….

  September 15 Iron Skillet Regatta
  September 22-23  Lots-A-Lasers..
                        NEW AWARD.. "first time participant"
  October 6   Fall Clean-Up Day & Lunch 8:30-Noon
                      5:00 pm  Pot-Luck & Quarterly Meeting / 2019 officers presented 
Member on Call for Club Emergencies in September
Randall Butler  615-504-4438





  Friendship and Support

Gene Lovelace

2018 Commodore