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 May /11/ 2018        



Noise rules..Dog rules... 48 hour rules..parking rules.. docking rules... no one really likes them, but rules are a necessary part of being in a community  


At this time of year when more HIYC members are out at our club we want to remind you of a few basic rules. These are not anything new, and most have been a part of the fabric of HIYC for a long time.


On every membership application is this statement : " If accepted into membership in HIYC, I agree that my family and I will abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, Dock Policy, and other rules and regulations of HIYC .   


Dog Rules - HIYC is bound by the same laws as our state, county, and island HOA. We enforce the leash laws of our communities. I grew up in a time when our dog walked my children to the bus stop.. and ran to the bus stop to greet them after school…but times have changed. HIYC has a $50 per violation for dog off leash rule (as documented by a photo of an unleashed dog sent to the board). No warnings are given. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the decks. Fines will automatically be billed through our club accounting agent. 


Parking Rules - No causeway parking. Violators can towed by the Island HOA. Additional parking is provided across from our entrance. Be thoughtful of others when using the launching ramp, blocking someone in, or parking a trailer on property. 


Auto Speed on Island Rules - Our club is a part of a residential community. The HOA has installed a speed hump to slow down traffic to the posted 24 mph. With school out very soon, be mindful of children playing and folks walking on the causeway. A stop sign will soon be posted to remind us to STOP before exiting our property. 


NO Swimming Rule - A recent State law required HIYC to post no swimming signs around our docks. Safety regulates that swimming must be over 100 yards from any dock. NOTE: All power will be shut off to docks during the hours of sail camp in order to comply with this regulation. 


48 hours on Courtesy Dock Rule - The courtesy slips are available to any member for no longer than 48 hours at a time. If there is a reason that you need additional time in a courtesy slip, you must receive permission from our Harbormaster. Those staying beyond 48 hours without our Harbormaster or your Fleet Admiral's notice are billed by our accounting agent at $10 per day.


New boat at Club Rule  No new sailing vessel can be brought to HIYC without first being approved by the Board thru the Harbormaster and Rear Commodore. 


Noise Rule - Sailors can get a little loud… especially after a few rounds with their friends. Be mindful of others after 11:00 pm who live on the island or may be spending the night on their boat at the docks .


Pay your Dues Rule - According to our membership rules, any member who is over 6 months past due can/will be removed from the membership at HIYC without notice. Accounts over 30 days are subject to a $10 month service charge. Late dues also put a member “ not in good standing”  which removes them from the monthly published dock waiting list.( Anchorline)

Dues are billed each quarter. If you are having a financial hardship, let any board member know. We will do everything possible to work with you


Boat in “ Ready to Sail” condition Rule - Our documents clearly state that every boat must have current displayed registration and insurance. Your Admiral will be requesting updated information during the month of May. Boats that have not been cleaned or serviced are not a good use of dock or mooring space. HIYC is a sailing club, not a private marina. Sailing is such a grand sport.  Get out on the water.. Enjoy the gift our the winds and our wonderful resources. 


A complete list of rules are listed in the Member section on our website. Enforcing our rules occupy a great deal of time at each monthly board meeting, and it's not an easy task. Help us out by keeping up to date on the rules and taking them seriously.  



See you on the water…


Gene Lovelace

HIYC Commodore






Voted best party at HIYC.........

Cheeseburger in 




Saturday May 26





( Veg on request)


$10 person

( $5 kids under 12)



Reservations required to by 5/23














May 26 

Double-Handed Race

( 4 skippers have now registered) 


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Welcome New Members - Added at May Board meeting


   -Owen & Amy Joyner -back as Associate Members

  - Derek & Dianne Brenda -New Associate Member

  - Mark Shivers -New Associate Member



Questions about HIYC  Dues


Contact Kim at Tailored Business

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  Friendship and Support,


       Gene Lovelace

       2018 Commodore