The 2013 Bluenose Regatta

November 1 - 3
Harbor Island Yacht Club
Nashville, Tennessee


The Bluenose marks the end of the annual racing season for Lightnings at HIYC and brings numerous entries from all over North America. Many of the competitors are internationally ranked skippers. This hard-nosed racing skipper's weekend has proven of particular interest to Lightning sailors in the North who have a shorter racing season and welcome the opportunity for one more chance to have a go against some of the best competition in the country.  This regatta is named for the famous "Bluenose", a Canadian racing workboat of the last century.

This website offers a variety of features that we hope will be of interest and helpful to you. In addition to the official announcement and sailing instructions, results from every year since 1997,  and winners from all past years can be viewed. If you would like help with a baby sitter, just fill out and submit the appropriate forms. A map to HIYC and a list of motels is available. 

We have also incorporated into this website a mechanism to accumulate an on-line listing of those who are interested in coming to the Bluenose. You can sign onto this list and let everyone know if you are coming, whether you are skipper, crew, or just interested in the party. You can also use this list to look for crew or to find a ride if you are available as crew. Crew can also be located by contacting Fleet Captain Bruce Richards.



2013 Results